Frame size calculator 2

Calculation of the frame size with the Body-Index-Frame-Sizing method.

Another possibility to find your best frame geometry is the Body-Index-Frame-Sizing method. This method was invented by the magazine „Mountain BIKE“. To calculate your personal frame size there is a little bit more effort to do. Therefor you get detailled information to find the bike which fits you the best. The determination base differs from the so far used formulas of the various providers. The tendency is more towards somewhat smaller framesizes. Three measurements are needed.

  1. Body lenght - The body lenght is measured from the ground to the sternum (small v-shaped notch below the throat).
  2. Arm length - The arm length is measured from the start of the collarbone to the middle of your clenched fist.
  3. Inside leg - To measure your inside leg you place yourself barefooted against a wall, put a level between your legs and push it slightly upwards. The distance between the ground and the upper edge of the level shows the inside leg.

Please put your personal values into the first three boxes.

Body length (ground to sternum) mm


Values need to be in millimeter

Arm length mm
Inside leg mm
for Cross-Country Tour Enduro
Seat tube length mm mm mm
Head tube length mm mm mm
Stem length mm mm mm
Reach mm mm mm
Seating length mm mm mm
Top tube length (male) mm mm mm
Top tube length (female) mm mm mm
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